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Published on June 21st, 2013 | by Celina


Never Travel Without a Travalo!

New York’s soaring temperatures can make wearing fragrance a fleeting experience. The warmth that rises from the concrete and the sunlight that bounces off of the tallest skyscrapers only help to intensify the heat and evaporate the alcohol in our perfumes faster. Even if you choose a water-based formula, such as an eau de toilette, you may still need to reapply your perfume throughout the day. The only solutions seem to be to suffer the smell of your hour-old sweat or to carry perfume with you. But I have always had trouble either finding a travel-sized perfume. There are a plethora of small sized perfume choices out there, but often times I could not find one available in my favorite perfumes. Or if I did find something, it would be expensive and it would come housed in a glass vial that often broke within days of living in my purse.

Introducing the Travalo, a refillable spray-bottle that you can fill with any of your favorite perfumes. The sturdy atomizing container is perfect for those who travel a lot. Even for those who don’t travel often, the Travalo is the best way to safely carry perfume in your handbag. This handy perfume spritzer, which is available in four styles, is designed to slip into bags or pockets and is so lightweight and compact that you hardly know it’s there until you need it. Just tuck it into a cosmetic bag and you’ll never have to lug around a full-size perfume bottle again.

The most important component of the Travalo is that it refills with absolutely no mess. Just remove the spray head from your normal perfume bottle and align the bottom of the atomizer atop the nozzle peg. And then just keep pumping the small bottle up and down until full. And because the Travalo  has an integrated fill level indicator window, you never over fill it. With this patented system, fragrance is never affected by exposure to the air and decants effortlessly directly from a standard perfume bottle, without any assembly or parts. It really is as easy as one, two, pump!

We tried out the Travalo Rollerball Touch in pink. For just $19.99, this pen sized rollerball holds 4.5 ml of fragrance. Also offered in an elegant black, gold, and silver, this pretty rollerball allowed us to apply fragrance accurately and directly. Unlike a spray, the perfume goes exactly where you want it. Perfect for enclosed environments or where perfume sensitivity is an issue, we think this dispenser is a must-have for every woman.

Next up was the Travalo Excel in purple and silver. At $20, the size increases slightly to house 5 ml of fragrance. That’s almost 65 sprays! With 10 colors available, the company encourages you to match ”your outfit, bag or shoes for that perfect finishing touch”. But we think that might be overdoing it-  the rainbow of vibrant colors does allow you to add some color to your cosmetic bag but having one to match each outfit strikes us as a bit wasteful.

We had very few problems with the item, only finding it hard to switch fragrances since there is no easy way to clean it. But there are plenty of YouTube tutorials for advice on how to try to rinse the device. The best part of the Travalo was that it contains no glass parts at all, so unlike other atomizers or fragrance bottles, it can take a fall onto concrete or tile floors without any worries about breakage! And because of it’s unique design, the atomizer is approved as carry on luggage onboard aircraft since the pressure control system reacts to changes in air pressure, preventing any leaks. And for this reason alone, Travalo is an essential accessory for travel. Available online and in select stores, we would encourage you to grab one right away!

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